Quality Certificates

Our core business comprises the development, manufacture and sale of chemical yarns and chemicals for thermoplastics, civil engineering, painting, water treatment, plastics and rubber industry.

The organisation´s management aims long-standing for prosperous, safety and responsible business in the distribution of chemical yarns and chemicals for thermoplastics, civil engineerings, painting, water treatrment, plastics,rubber, paper and textile industry.
The business activities base on professional knowledges and long-term experiences of their employees. Environmental policy issues from management strategy. The management and all employees of the company consider as an important priority of business activity health and environmental protection, the safety increasing as well.

The organisation´s management will persue the following integrated policy of quality and environment:

  • to enforce integrated managament system at all company activities
  • to provide eternal improvement of the company
  • to pursue of all purchase, storage and sale activities in the maximum quality
  • to ensure high satisfaction of customers
  • to ensure the satisfaction and the personal development of employees of the company, which it will again lead to high working morale and effort
  • to increase the prestige of the company in the ring of customers
  • to ensure high responsibility of employees during the pursuit of their working activities
  • to ensure the effective managament including optimization of the costs in consequence of realization of the process approach
  • to ensure the accordance with exercisable legal requirements
  • to fulfil legal and other requirements valid for the company
  • to decrease sources of hazards and to precede emergency conditions by implementation of preventive precautions
  • to exercise requirements of environmental legislative by suppliers
  • to prefer pollutation prevention before additional precautions
  • to save energies at all company activities
  • to fulfil the program Responsible Care
  • to increase the responsibility of employees in the observance integrated policy of quality and environment by their motivation and by their education
  • to inform the public, the interested parties, employees as well as employees working for the company or by its name about integrated policy of quality and environment


Certificate ISO 9011+14001_Radka_english_2017