Business Units

RADKA International offers its customers in the automotive industry a wide range of high-quality chemical products with outstanding processing properties. Engineering plastics, synthetic rubber and additives for coating and rubber find their application in many areas including production
of car lights, tyres, pipes, engine covers, pedals, body parts, instrument panels, fuel filter housings and fuel lines, switches and connectors.

As the portfolio of products in different countries may vary, we suggest you visit the website of the relevant branch (access from the right menu).

  • BU Plastics

Technical Thermoplastics
RADKA offers a full range of technical thermoplastics for a wide variety of applications (injection, blow moulding, etc.) as Automotive, Home Appliances, Electric and Electronics, Constructions, Medical, Sport, etc. including plastics compounds and functional polymers.

Main representatives:
• PBT, PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6.6/I
• PA 11, PA 12 and another specialty polyamides, PEBA, PMMA, EVA
• Conductive and dissipative polymers
• Tailor made compounds

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  • BU Coatings and Construction

Our assortment offers wide range of pigments, binders, biocides, fillers and other additives. All kinds of different products and raw materials are widely used in production of coatings, sealants and paints to match all requested demands. Inorganic and organic pigments have proven effective in decades of use for coloring a wide variety of products such as concrete, coatings and plastics. The products have excellent lightfastness, outstanding quality and are easy to process as well as environmentally friendly.

Main representatives:
Inorganic/Organic pigments, dyes and preparations • Binders •
Hardeners • Biocides • Thickeners • Fillers • Fibres • Other additives
and materials.

The main area of application is concrete and dry mortar industry, road construction, bitumen industry. For example production of tile adhesives, plasters, colored concrete elements and other

Main representatives:
Inorganic Pigments • Mineral and Organic Binders • Thickeners
• Fibres • Plasticizers • Rheological Additives • Biocides • Fillers •
Other Additives

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  • BU Rubber Industry

Radka offers a wide range of rubber chemicals – raw materials and additives Rheinchemie for rubber mixtures based on natural or synthetic rubber, polyurethane rubber with all the necessary materials, plastic and two-component liquid silicone rubbers Wacker Chemie including additives for processing.

Main representatives:
• Silicone Rubbers, Polyurethane Rubbers • Pre-dispersed additives, Polymer-bound Chemicals and Additives • Antioxidants, Accelerators, Waxes, etc. • Release Agents             • Materials for Tire Systems

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  • BU Water Treatment

They are used in a huge number of applications, from domestic,
industrial and potable water treatment, waste water treatment to
radioactive decontamination, catalysis, sugar processing, purification
of pharmaceuticals, recovery of heavy and precious metals, etc.

Main representatives:
Ion exchange and adsorbent resins • Iron-III chloride • Flocculants
and Coagulants • RO Membranes (Lewabrane®)

Customer service
Customer service is our number one priority. Our goal and objectives
is to help you be satisfied with:
• Quality products on time, every time
• Competitive pricing
• Superior customer service, quality control & technical support
• Environmentally friendly products
• Safest chemical distributor

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  • BU Special Chemicals

They are used in a huge number of applications such asi disinfectants, repellent material, components for polyurethane systems, colorants (pigments, dyes, brighteners, essences and others.

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